Guidelines for Living

Guidelines for Living

To provide for an orderly and consistent living environment where all residents enjoy their personal lifestyle preferences while not infringing on their neighbor’s same right, we have established Guidelines for Living. These guidelines lay out the mutual expectation of behavior regarding the physical and social interactions among community residents, their families and guests, property management, and all vendors and subcontractors within the community. Management enforces these agreed upon guidelines for the benefit of everyone.

Architectural Review Committee
Your investment is protected by an architectural review committee, which assures harmonious development of the neighborhood. This committee requires the use of high-quality design, construction products and techniques. Its goal is to monitor the appearance of homes and properties so that everyone can enjoy enhanced value and a quality lifestyle.

Maintenance and Repairs
We have established manageable standards for maintenance and repairs so residents can enjoy a peaceful and orderly neighborhood environment. Management performs these functions in the best interests of all of our residents, maintaining a setting that looks good and helps protect our mutual investment. We adhere to controlled and scheduled maintenance of common areas to preserve the community’s natural beauty and usability.

Please refer to the guidelines specific to your state below:

Iowa Guidelines for Living
Michigan Guidelines for Living
Minnesota Guidelines for Living
Wisconsin Guidelines for Living